We control the entire process of our Stevia: from sowing with our own seeds until Stevia arrives at our clients' house. We take care every day of our Stevia plants so they have the highest quality.

Stevia is known today as the sweetest botanical species in the world. It has its origin in Paraguay, where it received from the Guarani Indians its significant name: KA'A-HE'E. Stevia is the most potent natural sweetener and has 0 calories. It helps regulate blood sugar levels.

Stevia Madrid

Infusion with Stevia leaf is able to automatically regulate blood glucose levels making it ideal for diabetics and athletes. It is an isotonic drink much better than Aquarius since it does not carry sugar or calories and is totally natural. No preservatives or colorants. And it is delicious.

Infusión de Stevia

Sweet Revolution

In Spanish Stevia we would like to join the Sweet Revolution started by Josep Pamies, thanks to his struggle and that of many others we are getting the Stevia leaf  well known and thanks to this we can feed much better without sugar, aspartame (saccharin), maltitol, erythritol, maltodextrin, sucrose ... All these additives to a greater or lesser extent produce degenerative diseases (diabetes, cancer, obesity ...)

The truth about Stevia

What mystery surrounds Stevia? A plant that had been used for centuries, disappears without leaving a sign of its existence. A plant so old that it seems new in Europe. But the Stevia leaf has been sweetening Japanese life for 50 years.

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