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Sweetening without calories and in a healthy way is possible

We are a couple of entrepreneurs who fight because Stevia is the sweetener par excellence in Europe as it is in Japan for 50 years.

We started growing Stevia without having things very clear but based on work and some mistakes this year has been a great year for learning and to made small achievements. We are convinced that the success of a business is guaranteed by the values ​​of the entrepreneurs, their work, their perseverance and their intelligence.

As entrepreneurs, we have questions that we are able to answer, but when answering them, they may seem conspiratorial. In Europe it is legal to add a Natural Stevia leaf on a tea but it is not legal to add a Natural Stevia leaf into a cup of coffee. It is only legal to add Stevia leaves to an infusion. Does it made sense? And at the same time Pepsi and Coca-Cola are announcing that they are going to made ilegal drinks (illegal for now)  since they are announcing that they are going to sell a soda with cola that will carry as a sweetener only unprocessed naural stevia leaf. Does this tell us that they control the laws? Do they manipulate what we can eat and what we can not?

We have a plant that is a great ally against obesity, diabetes and hypertension, cancer but it is a great unknown. We want to put our little grain of sand so that does not continue to happen.

Spain may be the great world producer of Stevia but for this it is necessary to create professional companies with well-trained entrepeneurs and industrialize the whole process. But for Stevia to be profitable, entrepreneurs need to get their hands dirty in the beginning until the business is prosperous and they can delegate some tasks. That is why in Spanish Stevia we have avoided "the Spanish postureo" and we made the Stevia leaves by ourselves. 

Since we created Spanish Stevia, we have fought day after day for having a quality Stevia made in Spain. Getting this has not been easy, we take small but safe steps, that's why every small step we take is celebrated. That is why we want to celebrate with our clients all these small steps we have taken so far and share them with you.

Challenges achieved:

March 2017: Lease of the ideal land to grow Stevia in Elche.

April 2017: Start of planting 3000 meters of Stevia by direct sowing with seeds.

May 2017:  Seeds Germination.

August 2017: Harvest of the first Stevia leaves.

September 2017: Flowering of Stevia flowers for subsequent transformation into seeds.

October 2017: Harvest of our first Stevia seeds.

November 2017: Harvest of our second Stevia leaves.

December 2017: Obtaining the BIO certificate by CAECV.

January 2018: The first reserves for our seeds arrive.

January 2018: We begin selling our Stevia sthrough our website to final consumers.


Antonio Paños

Director of Business Development. Bachelor of Science in Physical Activity and Sports. International MBA. Master's Degree in Financial Advice and Planning. Despite having been in the Stevia business for less than a year, Antonio has a very clear vision of the Stevia market.


Victoria Tárraga

Director of Logistics and Quality Department. By Victoria hands our Stevia passes several times and thanks to her requirement we get a perfect Stevia leaves.

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